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This is the website of Mark Reckless, Conservative Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood

It was a huge honour to be elected as the Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood in the 2010 General Election. Since being elected I have been working hard for all the residents in our constituency and would like to thank everyone who voted for me.

It was time for change in the government and Parliament of this country. Since you elected me in May 2010 I have been trying to put some things right both nationally and locally. We are dealing with the debt built up by the last government, which borrowed as much in three years as our country borrowed in the previous three centuries. We are acting to restore confidence in our economy and our country, to make sure we stay solvent, and to avoid the fate of Greece or Ireland.

To help make savings we are capping benefits, so that work pays, and stopping huge benefits for homes in London, when people in Medway struggle to afford the bus or train fare to work. I have worked to make sure that the cuts which we have to make are fair. For example, the reduction in police spending in Kent will now be less than we planned for and our new Chief Constable is increasing the number of neighbourhood police officers.

Conservative-led Medway Council is protecting Sure Start spending for young children and I pressed it to protect local voluntary groups such as Medway Mediation. The new government did not immediately end Labour’s Euro bail-outs, but I made MPs delay their recess to debate my stop the bailouts motion. The government then told the EU we would no longer pay for a currency we did not join. Now I am pushing for a referendum on the EU, so Britain can be an independent country again, trading with Europe, but governing ourselves.

Whatever the issue, I do what I think is best for my constituents, whatever their party, and I do not allow the whips or anyone else to direct me how to vote.

This website gives you information on the issues I am addressing in Parliament and the campaigns I am involved in. You can also find all the information you need to contact me.

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