It’s Time To Back-Up The Law Abiding Majority

Chris Grayling has spoken about the urgent need to “tackle the blight of antisocial behaviour” in order to fix our Broken Society.

The Shadow Home Secretary highlighted Home Office statistics showing three million acts of antisocial behaviour recorded last year, adding, “And that’s only a tiny fraction.”

Pointing to the tragic events in Doncaster this week as an example of “a society that is losing its way”, Chris said, “They are only the latest and probably the worst example of a whole series of incidents where children are killing or maiming other children.”

We have proposed:

– Strengthening the hands of the police to deal with the problems
– Introducing grounding orders for young troublemakers, which can be easily enforced
– Making those who commit serious acts of antisocial behaviour pay for the damage and do community work.

Chris said, “Antisocial behaviour will be punished and the payback will be fast and tough.”

And he stressed, “Too little has been done in the past decade. Under a Conservative Government that will change.”


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