Professional Responsibility Is The Key To A Better NHS

David Cameron promised to make sure nurses and NHS workers can “exercise real professional responsibility” in his speech to the Royal College of Nursing Conference.

– Improving training, by making it more accessible and more practical
– Providing more time for care, by slashing the bureaucracy on which nurses spend a million hours a week, according to the Royal College of Nursing
– Creating an improved atmosphere of respect, with “zero tolerance” on violence and a “clear right” for nurses to have their voice heard

He attacked the targets and bureaucracy that hold nurses back – and said, “The right way to a better health service is by getting the best out of the people who work in it”.

He told delegates that a Conservative Government would give them “the professional responsibility to get on with the job they signed up for”

“We’re going to scrap all those top-down, centralising, interfering targets that undermine your professional responsibility.”

He outlined three areas which are crucial to ensuring nurses can exercise real responsibility:

David made clear, “It is the patience and care of nurses that nurses patients back to health – and if we’re in government, you have my word that we will do everything we can to support you in that.”

Read David’s speech to the Royal College of Nursing Conference


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