We Win! St. Peter’s School To Stay Open!

Councillor Mark Reckless has congratulated both Medway Council’s Cabinet and the Save St. Peter’s campaign after it was decided there was no case for continuing with the planned closure of St. Peter’s school.

Both Mark Reckless and Councillor Ted Baker, Mark’s colleague in Rochester West ward and former Chair of Governors at the school, have staunchly supported the school during the consultation process.

Mark said:

“Despite accusations of pre-determination over the closure from members of the Labour group, the decision by the Cabinet to keep St. Peter’s open is not just a victory for the excellent parent-led campaign, the members of which I congratulate fully. It is a victory for the democratic process and common sense.

“We urged the Cabinet to look at the facts, that the school should remain open and they have listened.

“St. Peter’s future is now assured and I look forward to giving my continued support to the pupils, parents and teachers of St. Peter’s for many years to come.”



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2 responses to “We Win! St. Peter’s School To Stay Open!

  1. Paul O'Rourke

    Sensible decision and a finger up to the labour group.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Mr RecklessI would just like to say thank you for your work in saving St. Peter's. It is very much appreciated.

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