It’s Snow Joke For The Elderly

As I struggled to get home to Rochester this evening on one of the few Southeastern mainline services still running out of London, the one thing that struck me was how we as a community still manage to find strength in adversity.
I think it is fair to say that the snowy conditions we have experienced in Medway over the past few days have been particularly challenging. Whilst our frontline services have done their best to keep the roads clear, traffic moving and businesses open, it is obvious that we as a country are currently not equipped to cope with the severe conditions we have seen in recent days.
The arguments for and against our response to the extreme weather and who is to blame is for another day. The plain fact of the matter is that it is here now and we need to deal with it.
As I said earlier the one thing that has struck me over the past few days is our continuing ability to deal with these adverse conditions, and how we still manage to come together as a community to deal with the problems we face together. Reports of the demise of the Dunkirk spirit have been greatly exaggerated!
To that end I would like to take this opportunity to call on local residents to please take the time to check on their elderly or vulnerable neighbours to make sure they are safe and well. Even if we see a cessation in the snow in the next few days, our roads, streets and alleyways will remain virtually impassable to our less able residents for quite some time due to the icy conditions that will no doubt follow.
If you know anyone locally who you think may need some assistance then please call in on them. It really doesn’t take long to just have a quick check on how they are and see if they need some help with shopping or clearing their paths. And you never know, you may just be treated to a very nice cup of tea for your trouble.
So what are you waiting for? Make the difference.


The Rochester Coffee Co. 45 varieties of tea, freshly ground coffee, freshly made Panini and so much more. 146 High Street, Rochester, Kent. ME1 1ER (Opposite Eastgate House)
Tel: 01634 540032


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One response to “It’s Snow Joke For The Elderly

  1. Kevin Stapleton

    This weather isn’t very pleaseant for our elderly at all. Only yesterday I called in to one of my neighbours to see how she was doing and found she was running low on food with no way of getting to the local shop which is about half a mile away. Needless to say, if more of us showed a bit of community spirit as you say we’d be in a lot better position to get through this dreadful weather we’re having, and we’d see a lot less tragic stories in the press of pensioners who have passed away without anyone realising.

    By the way Mark, did you see the story in the press about pensioners being forced to burn books to keep warm? With fuel prices expected to rise even higher, and gas rationing being introduced can you tell us what the Conservative party would do about this disgraceful state of affairs?

    Kind regards and best of luck with your campaign.

    Kevin Stapleton

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