Clean Campaign Pledge

Signing the Pledge with Tracey Crouch and Rehman Chishti

I, Mark Reckless, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester and Strood, pledge in the General Election campaign:

  • To show by my actions that politics need not be a dirty game, but can be a clean and positive activity, engaged in genuinely for the good of all.
  • To tell the truth about what I stand for and have achieved, and about what others stand for and have achieved.
  • To refrain from personal attacks.
  • To make only honest and reasonable promises.
  • To fight a clean, positive and honest campaign around the issues that concern local people.
  • To be honest about public spending, and not to scaremonger in ways that may frighten the most vulnerable members of our society.
  • To take money only from organisations and individuals whose motives in giving money I do not have reason to suspect.
  • To sign up to the transparency pledge on MPs’ expenses below.

I encourage voters:

  • To expect from me decent and honest behaviour, as a candidate.
  • To ask other Parties operating in this election to sign up to a similar honest campaign pledge.
  • To help me enforce this Pledge, by reporting truthfully to me and to the media any apparent breaches.

Finally, if elected, I pledge:

  • To publish online details of all of personal expenses incurred as a Member of Parliament.
  • To publish online details of all office expenses incurred as a Member of Parliament.
  • To publish online details of all donations in line with Electoral Commission rules.
  • To appoint a local firm of auditors to approve expenses accounts at the end of every financial year.
  • To open up the unedited expenses claims to local newspapers at the end of every financial year.
  • Never to claim for food, furniture or household goods.
  • To meet all tax liabilities – such as stamp duty – without claiming them from the taxpayer.

With thanks to Tracey Crouch



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4 responses to “Clean Campaign Pledge

  1. Caroline Brown

    Mark, I do like this pledge.

    Any MP who publishes expenses on line would have to be an idiot to claim anything that would upset his or her constituents.

    It seems to me to be the easiest and cheapest way to improve transparency and accountability in parliament and – if All MPs agreed – would do a great deal to restore public trust.

  2. Webmaster

    Please note comments are welcome, but we will not publish comments from anonymous users. Thanks for your understanding.

  3. This is an excellent initiative which should be followed by all who become elected to Parliament on 6th May.

    A breath of fresh air at last.

  4. derek brighton

    MP’s only had to look at the civil servant’s rules for behaviour to know they were doing wrong. I am still concerned that they can employ relatives (paid).

    David Cameron started the ball rolling with MEP’s. There is much to be done there still.

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