NHS Action Day

Saturday was NHS Action Day for hundreds of Conservative candidates across the country. The Conservatives under David Cameron are determined to protect the NHS. We will remove the targets which distort clinical priorities and we are the only major party to have pledged real terms spending increases for the NHS every year.

For our NHS Action Day in Rochester and Strood I visited the Widsom Hospice in Rochester. The NHS provides the core clinical care at the Wisdom Hospice and volunteers and fund-raisers, like myself, work with the NHS to provide the extras which make the hospice such a loving environment for patients, including many in the last stages of their life.

As well as seeing families and learning more about what the volunteers are doing to look after them, I again heard today about the excellent care which the NHS nursing staff provide.

The Wisdom Hospice does not always find it easy to raise money in comparison to Demelza Hospice in Sittingbourne, so if you would like to join me in supporting the Wisdom Hospice, either as a volunteer or as a fund-raiser, then please visit the Friends of the Wisdom Hospice website for more information on how you can get involved.


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