Rochester People: Introducing Mark Reckless

Rochester People - Click HereRochester People is a local community-based news website. We are reproducing (with permission) the following Q&A feature with Mark which we hope will be of interest. You can visit the Rochester People website by cicking here

Q. What are the top three issues facing your constituency and how would you tackle them?

The economy – restore confidence by tackling government debt so as to get people investing and banks lending before we become the next Greece.

Immigration – cap the number of immigrants allowed into the country each year, tens of thousands as in the 80s and 90s, rather than hundreds of thousands as now.

Policing – allow the police to stop and talk to a member of the public without having to fill in a form, return to the police from lawyers the power to decide whom and when to charge in most cases, and allow you to elect the person who oversees our police.

Q. How would you sum up your beliefs and personality in ten words?

We should be independent, free to live our own lives

Q. Name your top five favourite places to visit or things to do in Rochester and Strood.

Strolling along Rochester High Street, exploring the Hoo Peninsula, visiting Upnor Castle, running along the edge of the Borstal marshes, relaxing in the castle gardens.

Q. Do you have any spare time interests or hobbies?

Running, travelling

Q. What was your position in the family? 

Eldest of two boys

Q. What is your favourite food?


Q.What is your favourite film?

Dr Zhivago

Q. How do you keep fit?

Running, canvassing and delivering leaflets

Q. Are you a dog or a cat person and why?

A cat person, because my Mum has always kept two cats since I first persuaded her to get some when I was six.

Q. Why should people vote for you?

Because I have shown the tenacity, perseverance and principle which I will need to represent everyone in this constituency and because we need a Conservative government to put the economy back on track, improve public services and cut immigration.


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