Catching Breath…

Interview on College Green

It is two and a half weeks since the election and I apologise to readers for not updating here during that period.

There has been an extraordinary crush of commitments and expectations and the hardest part has been to prioritise.

I have done a few interviews, but turned down many more, and dealt successfully with some constituency casework, but fear that it may be a month or two before I am really on top of it.

Currently my office is a committee room in the House of Commons which I share with up to a dozen other MPs. The camaraderie is at least good for morale, one colleague teasing me that I should enjoy the view of the Thames before the whips install me in a windowless broom cupboard.

The (Not So) Glamorous Life

However, I am looking forward to having a permanent base for work, particularly in the constituency, and one or two people to help organise my work, and I am grateful to the one who has helping me a bit voluntarily now.

Today was the State Opening of Parliament and a wonderful experience. One MP told me that it was the 56th time that the Queen has read such a speech.

In the Chamber one area where colleagues are still feeling their way is in how we relate to the Liberal Democrats in our coalition. Don Foster, the Liberal Democrat for Bath, said he was proud to be the first Liberal since 1939 to propose or second the Loyal Address (which supports the Queen’s speech), and was generally supportive of our joint programme.

However, he then riled some colleagues by citing an historical quotation hailing the Conservative party being led to the left under aristocratic leadership. The Prime Minister shot straight back that, whilst the last Liberal to second the Loyal Address had indeed done so in 1939, he then sank into obscurity until he joined the Conservatives some years later.


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One response to “Catching Breath…

  1. Allan SNELLER

    Great news to see you duly installed as our new MP. On your canvassing tour of St.Mary’s Island you kindly undertook to look into the situation we have where our 11+ year olds have to ‘commute’ for 3 hours each day to travel to senior scholls no more than 5 miles away. You will have seen the recent artilce in Medway News (13th May) around it, and we have an input at Medway Council’s Regeneration oversight and scrutiny committee on 1st June at 6.30pm (Gun Wharf).

    Councillor Phil Filmer, the relevant portfolio holder, seems to be burying his head in the sand oveer this. It will be a foolish strategy as the demographic development of the Island will see an rapid increase in 11+ year olds, and the problem will not go away.

    There is a cheap and obvious quick win to this problem, and an opportunity for our new blue MP to win/cement exisiting hearts and minds.

    Can you help please?

    Best wishes for the 5 years ahead,
    Allan (and Sue & Barnaby) Sneller.

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