Dunkirk Little Ships Visit

Cllr Mark Reckless MP with veterans of the 1940 evacuation from France

Cllr Mark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, attended the Dunkirk 70th Anniversary over the weekend, accompanied by fellow Conservative Association members Parish Councillors Chris Buckwell and Alan Marsh, as well as Conservative MEP for South-East England, Daniel Hannan.

Mark said “It was a very moving experience, and we had the chance to speak with veterans who are in their nineties. The Dunkirk Little Ships had made a great effort to return to Dunkirk and I wanted to pay my respects on this historic occasion”.

Cllr Mark Reckless MP, Kelly Tolhurst and Daniel Hannan MEP

Cllr Mark Reckless MP, Kelly Tolhurst and Daniel Hannan MEP

Mark was particularly delighted to meet up with the Tolhurst family from Borstal, including Kelly Tolhurst who took charge of leading the Little Ships into Dunkirk harbour last week, and Ian and Doreen Pearson from Cuxton. Their boats, Lijns and Wendy Ken, had been at Dunkirk in 1940.

Cllr Chris Buckwell, Doreen and Ian Pearson, and Cllr Mark Reckless MP

Councillor Buckwell also updated Mark on progress being made by the Medway Queen Preservation Society, which was represented at Dunkirk by way of her display vehicle and a number of visiting Preservation Society activists.


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One response to “Dunkirk Little Ships Visit

  1. Dear Mark,

    My father was the original 6th Airborne. they were the ones who pioneered the parachute from 28 to 33. according to my father in November 39 they had been put on standby whilst in Palistine (never ever called it Isreal) and told they would be going to france to cover a retreat. our government of the day new then that the french were going to desert and finally did in june 40. all fifteen armies of them run away.

    My father met my mother on the beaches and held her in his arms for 18 hours prior to being taken of. My mother was a nures looking after the TB troops in france. The 21 and 22 jumped at the start and stayed till the end. the 21 and most of the 22nd were wiped out, only a handful survived. My mother and father were married several weeks after he came out of hospital, he had been shoot in the leg a few times.

    He did forgive the Germans and the Japs but never till the day he died did he forgive the french. Most people do not realise the where the true 22nd come from but accept it from me it comes from the Kings ulster rifles, 1st battalion, 6th airborne, 22nd suadron. No mention of it anywhere, no reconistion for these incredible men. the 6th only mention was on the ladings of Arnam and dday. This is the real sadness of it all.

    Kind Regards

    ronald clayton

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