Fares Fair For Medway? Have Your Say

Are you a Southeastern commuter? Do you think fares are too high? Well Mark would like to hear from you.

Following a recent meeting with Charles Horton, Managing Director of Southeastern Trains, Mark Reckless is to raise the issue of rail fares and the affect they have had on local commuters here in Medway with Theresa Villiers, the Minister of State for Transport.

Mark will be joined by other local MPs such as Tracey Crouch (Chatham and Aylesford) to discuss the fare regime agreed under the last government that allows Southeastern to raise fares by the July RPI +3% whilst the rest of the country have seen fares rise by only RPI +1%. Fair?

As commuters in Medway brace themselves for yet another above-inflation fare increase in January, reported to be 7.8% on regulated fares (season tickets), Mark Reckless thinks the travelling public have suffered for far too long due to the unfair franchise agreement negotiated under the Labour government and would like to make sure your concerns are raised at the very highest level.

“I want Theresa Villiers to understand how unhappy many of my constituents are with Southeastern Trains and the last government singling us out for bigger increases than anywhere else in the country.”

If you would like to have your say on Southeastern’s fares or general service levels then please email Mark or use the contact form on this website to ensure your voice is heard.



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2 responses to “Fares Fair For Medway? Have Your Say

  1. Allan Sneller

    My salary has been frozen for the next 3 years. My annual season ticket from Chatham – London (and tubes) is £3,596 and represents around 12% of my gross salary. When local arriva bus fares between St.Mary’s Island and Chatham Stn are taken into account this rises to £4,670 (or %15.6%). If one recognises that I pay for these fares from net salary is increases to some 23.4% !

    As my ability to fund this necessity is frozen, so also should the fare(s) be frozen until our family wealth improves. (My wife is a stay-at-home mum).
    Furthermore, from 2013 Mr Osborne is going to make my family income drop by £1400 gross, so will the fares drop proportionately also?

    In the meantime the train operating companies in the southeast should conduct stringent quality assurance checks on their rolling stock each morning and make them cleaner and less smelly!

    Allan Sneller.

  2. I’ve been commuting to London for 3 years, and my train fare currently represents 18% of my net salary. This looks set to rise in January.

    I can hardly express effectively in words how much this news upsets me. South Eastern are by far and away the worst commuter service I have ever had the misfortune to experience. But I have no choice, who else can I use?

    I can’t get a liveable salary in Medway, so I’m forced to commute to the city. On top of the stress of travelling and the massive expense, I am forced to endure endless hours of delays, short coaches, no seats, cancelled trains, signal failures, bad weather conditions…the list goes on.

    I have to get up half an hour earlier every day to catch the early train (at 7.19) to make SURE I get to work on time. The later train, at 7.44, should get me to work in plenty of time. But this week, every single train I caught to work was delayed but over 10 minutes.

    To summarise, I am disgusted that this price rise has been approved. South Eastern have stolen far too many hours of life, and the worst part is how entirely powerless the users of SE, including me, are to oppose it.

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