Poll – Southeastern Fare Increase



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5 responses to “Poll – Southeastern Fare Increase

  1. james

    Complete rip off – why should we pay for a service that only utilised by a small sector of the network (high speed link)

  2. Jane

    Again Southeastern commuters are hit with the biggest fare increase at 12.8% in January 2011. For the NON ‘high speed link’ travellers, of whom there are many and who have had to pay for this new service without enjoying any of its benefits, this is excessive and an insult to SE commuters. We are being hit by inflation-busting increases to travel on overcrowded services which in recent months have not managed to arrive at destinations on time.

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  4. Liam

    12.8%???? Heavens preserve us. Seeing as South East Trains has neither the ability to run trains on time nor the courtesy to compensate passengers when they’re late, I can’t for the life of me think how this rise can be justified. Is the government going to do anything about it??

  5. Daniel

    I think it’s outrageous.
    I have now been priced out of a job that I love.
    I can no longer afford the commute so must now either find a new job (not easy at the moment) or sell my house and move (not easy at the moment).
    Thanks a bunch Southeastern.

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