Hound Is Found Safe And Sound

RoccoMark Reckless has welcomed the news that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy known as Rocco has been found safe and well and is now back with his rightful owners.

Following a huge team effort involving dog lovers from right the way across the country, Rocco was eventually found by walkers in woods near Tescos in Gillingham.

Mark, who was happy to help with the search, responded to the news by saying:

“This is great news! It was obvious how much Rocco meant to his owners so I really am pleased to hear that this story has had a happy ending.

My congratulations go out to everyone who helped in the search, particularly all the volunteers at Doglost.co.uk. I trust Rocco will enjoy being back with his family, and in his own bed.

Whilst I am glad the puppy is back home, I would still urge anyone with information on who may have stolen Rocco in the first place to contact Crimestoppers confidentially on 0800 555 111 or Kent Police on 01622 690690.”


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One response to “Hound Is Found Safe And Sound

  1. Sue Horne

    yes its fantastic news!!!! i met Rocco yesterday with Denis e (doglost) and Lucy (owner) what a wonderful reunion!!!!!

    well done everyone involved.

    The force.. the power of FACEBOOK wins the day yet again..

    thanks to all the publicity Rocco’s had over the last 7 weeks,, and the FACEBOOK group who stole rocco.. the folk that found him . recognised him as Rocco from there!!


    Sue xxxx

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