Mark Reckless MP Welcomes Rail Operator Fines

Mark Reckless MP has welcomed the news that rail operators may be fined in future for failing to provide adequate information to passengers.

Following an investigation by the Office of Rail Regulation into disruption during the bad weather last year, rail operators such as Southeastern now face being fined if they fail to improve their communications with passengers about services.

Mark Reckless responded to the news by saying:

“Southeastern appear to now treat their franchise as a cash cow. During the snow in December, information provision by Southeastern was abysmal and I am delighted that, in future, they may be fined if they continue to let down the travelling public in this way”.


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One response to “Mark Reckless MP Welcomes Rail Operator Fines

  1. Fines are all well and good but where does the money go? certainly not back to the passengers who have been inconviencied. We’ll just pay for it out of fare increases.

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