Police Cuts and Sharp Practice Among Lib Dem Peers

Mark Reckless MP was interviewed by BBC Radio Kent this morning. He defended police cuts but suggested that officer and staff reductions in Kent could be rather less than the 500 and 1,000 planned, given that government grant was more generous than expected and there will be reforms to police terms and conditions.

Turkeys Vote On Christmas

Mark also identified possible sharp practice by some Lib Dem Peers amid concerns at the vice-chair of the Association of Police Authorities taking over business. It even appears that some ex-Police Authority representatives may have wrongly suggested to colleagues that their particular position was official party policy before last night’s vote on elected police commissioners.

Peers with reasonable concerns will now have to decide whether to work sensibly to improve the Bill and the role of the oversight Panel, or die in a ditch and see all their amendments overturned by the Commons.


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