Mark Reckless backs Government action to tackle illegal immigration

Mark Reckless MP welcomed new figures which show this Government is tackling illegal immigration. He also welcomed the news that Government plans to create a Border Police Command of the new National Crime Agency to help coordinate action between the immigration authorities and police forces.

Government action is acting to address illegal immigration:

• In 2010 more than 39,000 people who had no right to remain in the United Kingdom were removed from the UK.
• And last year, our officers aboard stopped more than 60,000 people from even boarding a plane to the United Kingdom.
• Abroad the message that Britain is not a ‘soft touch’ is getting through

Meanwhile this government is controlling lawful immigration by addressing all visa routes:

• We have capped economic migration from outside of the EU,
• We have reformed the largest route, the student visa system, and clamped down on widespread abuses,
• We are addressing the link between temporary routes and permanent settlement,
• We will soon tackle the family visa route.

Mark Reckless MP said:

“This Government is getting to grips with the immigration system. We are reducing and controlling immigration across all the legal routes to Britain – economic migration, student visas, family visas and the right to settle here. But just as important as those policy changes is tough enforcement of the rules. These figures show that the message is getting through: if you’re not legal, you’re not welcome.”


Over 39,000 people who had no right to be here last year were removed

More than 60,000 prevented from boarding a plane to the UK

Risk and Liaison Overseas Network (RALON): our officers overseas prevented 60,465 from even boarding a plane to the UK in 2010/11.

Message getting through abroad

Theresa May:

“It is clear that the work of UK Border Agency officers based in Calais has made a real impact, stopping illegal immigrants entering the UK. This is also thanks to increased coordination between French and UK officers.

“We have seen a significant drop in the number of illegal immigrants attempting to evade the controls over the past year. The message is getting through – if you’re not legal you’re not welcome.

“I will shortly be announcing plans for a new National Crime Agency to tackle serious organised crime, which will include a Border Policing Command and will bring together officers from SOCA, the police and the UK Border Agency” (UKBA News, 6 June 2011).


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