Mark Reckless MP supports local myeloma patients and helps raise awareness

Mark Reckless MPMark Reckless MP attended a Myeloma Awareness Week Reception in the House of Commons yesterday to show his support for myeloma patients in Rochester and Strood Constituency.

He met myeloma patients, their families and healthcare professionals and has agreed to support a Myeloma UK initiative to ensure patients in the local area receive the best standards of treatment and care.

Myeloma is a rare and debilitating blood cancer that affects 14,000 people in the UK and approx. 25 people living in Rochester and Strood.

Although there is currently no cure for myeloma, both survival outcomes and quality of life have improved dramatically over the last decade thanks to the availability of excellent treatment and care.

Myeloma UK is working to make sure that all patients in the UK receive the best treatment and care, no matter where they live.

The Reception yesterday marked the launch of its new educational programme, the Myeloma Academy™. The Academy is an online educational resource, designed to support healthcare professionals and hospitals in improving the experience of myeloma patients in their care.

Mark Reckless MP has agreed to support the Myeloma Academy and will be encouraging the medical community in Rochester and Strood to get involved in this important initiative.

About myeloma

• Each year in the UK, over 4,000 people are diagnosed with myeloma
• Myeloma is the second most common type of blood cancer but represents only 1% of all cancers
• Complications of myeloma include severe bone pain, bone fractures, fatigue, frequent infection and kidney failure
• Public awareness of myeloma is low: 97% of people in a recent survey did not know what it was
• Myeloma Awareness Week takes place every year during 21-28 June
• For more information about the Myeloma Academy visit


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