Reckless Raises Questions To The CPS

Earlier this week, as part of the Home Affairs Committee evidence session into unauthorised hacking by News International, Mark had the opportunity to question Lord Macdonald, the former Director of Public Prosecutions, and Keir Starmer, the current DPP.

On Wednesday the Home Affairs Select Committee published its report on phone hacking and the police. Mark helped to ensure this report criticised failings at the CPS as well as with the police.

This was further highlighted in the House of Commons by Geoffrey Cox QC MP during Wednesday’s debate on media and the police;

Mark responded to this later in the debate;

As a result of Mark’s probing and his letter to Lord Macdonald seeking clarification, political blogger Guido Fawkes ran the following story. This subsequently led to Lord Goldsmith appearing on Newsnight as further questions regarding responsibility for apparent failures by the CPS were posed.

Mark Reckless has now written to Keir Starmer, the current Director of Public Prosecutions, for clarification on many of the unresolved issues raised during Parliament’s examination of the phone hacking scandal. You can view the letter here.


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