Airport plans are ‘pie in the sky’

Pie In The Sky!In an ITV Meridian interview today, I dismissed suggestions by architect, Lord Foster, in the Sunday Times that the Isle of Grain should host the world’s largest four-runway airport with up to 150 million passengers per year.

The Sunday Times is once again puffing the Boris Island fantasists. This time they have towed the airport ashore on their recycled map to abut the Isle of Grain.

They now say it would cost up to £50 billion. That is £7,000 for every family across London and the South-East when the Coalition already has to clean up Labour’s financial mess. That number alone shows that the plan is pie in the sky, even before you consider the environmental impact.

Boris Johnson is the Mayor of London, not of Kent or South-East England. He apparently says that he will talk to the Chancellor about this supposed ‘new plan’. Thankfully George Osborne is politically and financially literate, and can point out to Boris that saddling every family in London and the South-East with a £7,000 bill may not be the best campaign promise for next year’s mayoral election.



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4 responses to “Airport plans are ‘pie in the sky’

  1. Don’t worry Mark none of this will happen, we are about to enter another recession,except it will be a depression, and the we are going to see a lot of sacred cows slaughtered at the alter!
    First one up is the Welfare State followed by privatisation of State assets!!

  2. The Tories don’t seem to have an airport policy/strategy. Perhaps they believe that air travel is not expanding in the South-East, if that is the case, doing nothing is fine. The danger is if they are wrong, then French and Dutch carriers will prosper to the detriment of UK carriers and airports.

  3. J Smith

    Boris Johnson loses credibility (and votes!) with mad schemes like this. My advice to him is to focus on the olympics and how next year can benefit the people of London and the south east.

  4. John

    It should be built. it will replace an old power station and a refinery… Incoming flights will fly down the Thames and be safer and less polluting. Thousands of jobs for the Thames gateway area. Better trains and roads….

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