Calling For An In/Out Referendum On Europe



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2 responses to “Calling For An In/Out Referendum On Europe

  1. Dave

    Well done Mark.
    I seem to remember our PM making a pre-election promise of giving us a referendum.

  2. Ronald Clayton.

    I believe we should have and deserve a refferendum on Europe, it was promised to us prior to Cameron being elected and then when he realised he was going to be elected he started to back peddle using Lisbon as an excuse for going back on his word. Having listend to his answer to Mark Reckless’s question in the house it seems he is starting to sound like a socialist. “He does not feel there are grounds for a refferendum” It not about what he feels its about what the people of England feel and over 80% of us want to come out. He has let us down and If we do not achieve a second term it will be because of the lies similar to Labours lies.

    No wonder we have odd ball parties sprining up all over the place.

    Ronald Clayton.

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