The Wedding of Catriona Brown and Mark Reckless

Mr and Mrs Reckless

Rochester and Strood MP Mark Reckless married Catriona Brown on Saturday, October 1. The wedding took place at 3.30pm in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Cathedral, the centre of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales. 

Mark was not quite able to convince Catriona of the merits of Manchester and the Conservative party conference as a honeymoon destination, and the couple are heading off for a short break in Italy to start their married life together.

Mark proposed to Catriona on the rooftop of her apartment building at sunset with beautiful views across London.  He managed to catch Catriona by surprise, and she says

“When Mark got down on bended knee with a beautiful diamond ring, it was a fairytale moment.  I hadn’t been expecting Mark to propose, and when he did it was the most incredibly special moment.  I love Mark and being with him”. 

Mark, who was elected as MP in May last year, says

“I am very proud that Catriona is going to be my wife. We had a wonderful wedding day and are very grateful to our parents. Thank you to everyone who has sent congratulations and good wishes to us, and a particular ‘thank you’ to my constituent Noni McDowell for making us such a wonderful cake”.

Photo courtesy of Heartfelt Weddings

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2 responses to “The Wedding of Catriona Brown and Mark Reckless

  1. Great to know that it all went off successfully, and I agree that Italy is a better choice than Manchester on this special occasion!

    In fact, I’ve specially bought and consumed today an Italian dish (Tagliatelle) in honour…

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