Mark Reckless MP Wants Record Set Straight Over Estuary Airport

Rochester and Strood MP, Mark Reckless, has called upon the new Transport Secretary to confirm that Government policy remains unchanged under her stewardship and that the Government will not support building an airport in the Thames estuary area.

In a letter to Justine Greening MP, Mark asked for her reassurance that Philip Hammond’s pledge – “the Government has no plans to build any new airports in the [South East] region” – would be honoured.

Mark said:

“I know that residents, particularly on the Hoo Peninsula, have been sick of hearing rumours and stories in the press, usually The Sunday Times, about a potential ‘Boris Island’ or similar and I want the record set straight for my constituents once and for all. I strongly oppose the idea of a Thames estuary airport and having spoken to many constituents, I know that the vast majority of them do not support it either.”

Interestingly, BAA which owns Heathrow and Stansted airports, has just launched a large lobbying campaign, coinciding with Justine Greening’s appointment as Transport Secretary, and focused solely on a demand to expand Heathrow which it defines as the country’s hub airport. This is their advert which they have plastered across the Westminster tube entrance to Parliament.


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One response to “Mark Reckless MP Wants Record Set Straight Over Estuary Airport

  1. Richard Lane

    I have lived in Medway all of my 50 years and I do support the building of a new airport in the Thames Estuary,the expansion of Heathrow is a non starter.I have two teenage boys,I think the airport would benifit them and there whole generation

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