Debate On Thames Estuary Airport

Mark Reckless speaking during debate on Thames Estuary Airport

This morning, along with Medway Council leader Rodney Chambers and as guests of the FSB, I debated the Boris Island proposals with Daniel Moylan, the Mayor of London’s aviation spokesman. Of course, the Mayor of London has no real standing or powers in respect of aviation, although that does not stop his regular and contradictory pontifications on the issue, which were ably dissected by Cllr Mike O’Brien.

Mr Moylan’s attempts to defend Boris’s pie in the sky proposals fell apart on the issue of Heathrow airport. Previously, it had been suggested that Heathrow would be closed and airlines forced to relocate to Boris’s new hub airport, which would somehow be built at a cost of tens of billions of pounds. Now we are told that that is not the case and that Heathrow would continue to operate, which raises the question as to how Boris Island would be a hub airport.

Given that the airlines are against it, being no keener than the taxpayer to find the tens of billions, and it would be an environmental catastrophe, Boris Island is and must remain pie in the sky.


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One response to “Debate On Thames Estuary Airport

  1. Dave

    I’ve just seen this on the BBC local news. This dangerous buffoon is determined to get his way so keeps changing the plans. We’ve been told that it will create 70,000 jobs for the area so helping the local economy, now it seems that we will have to provide housing for 70K incomers. We all know that any building contracts for this monstrosity will be handed to overseas companies, who will employ overseas labour, and that when, finally, this pile opens- doubtless over budget- the majority of jobs on offer will be poorly paid part-time positions.
    Johnson is already costing haulage companies millions with his ill-conceived LEZ scheme, now he wants to fill our skies with aircraft emissions, bearing in mind that aviation fuel doesn’t carry the punitive taxes that petrol/diesel are burdened with and that air travel is more harmful to the environment in an age when we are being forced (rightly) to clean up our act.He has also chosen to ignore the most salient point of all, that the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, complete with 3000 tonnes of explosives, lies off of Sheerness.
    I’ve always advocated the use of Manston, now I’ve got a better idea; why not build the wretched thing in northern France and let the travellers catch the Eurostar?

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