Speech During EU Referendum Debate



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2 responses to “Speech During EU Referendum Debate

  1. Allan Sneller

    Well said Mark!!
    You made me proud to be your constituent. It’s a great pity that Dave Cameron and Co will not listen to the 66% of voters who are demanding their democratic right to have a referendum on this subject. My 12 year old son, who watched the debate (whilst combatting man-flu) was baffled by the outcome of Monday evening’s vote, and I have to admit to being unable to expalin to him the reasons why our parliament is ignoring the electorates wishes. How on earth can we lecture develping/rougue states on the value of democracy when we cannot seem to practice it ourselves!!

  2. Ronald Clayton.

    Well done Mark, I never really did believe Cameron was going to give us a referendum from the outset but it will happen one day. Most people believe we are only in because America want us to be in and our politicians are to weak to buck America. But this will also happen one day. We desperatly need a democratic party in England now and freedom from the rest of the home nations. I do so hope Scotland vote to break away entirerly; the sooner the better. The southeast of England has carried a huge burden for far to long with out gaining anything back.

    I hope you keep up the good work but I think winning the next election will be very hard now. It will all hang on the boundary changes and how soon we can impliment them. Most people I speak to in and outside the shop feel a great dread and fear what is coming.

    Kind Regards

    Ronald Clayton
    Northgate Jewellers.

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