Welcoming Muna Aden

Mark Reckless would like to thank Muna Aden who has been gaining work experience in his Parliamentary office this week.

Speaking about her experience, Muna said:

My internship at Mark Reckless’s office at Westminster has been an invaluable experience.  I enjoyed working in a building where the decisions made affect the rest of the country.  I attended the Home Affairs Select Committee, which deals with the important issues such as forced marriages and current issues such as the response of the police at the August Riots.  This allowed me to get first-hand experience of how the government deals with different things. The Justice Secretary, who was a witness at the Committee, addressed the possible changes to the UK sentencing laws.

This direct proactive experience has further enhanced my interest in law and in how it is made by Government.  I attended Prime Minsters Questions, where I was able to see the debate from the public gallery situated between the Government and Opposition benches in the House of Commons.  I was reminded on the first day of the importance of the location of my work experience placement when I passed the former Deputy Prime Minster, Lord Prescott, in the corridor and saw the Speaker of the House of Commons and Alice Cooper at lunch!

Mark hopes that Muna found the experience worthwhile and would like to wish her all the very best with her future studies.


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