Mark Reckless slams Lord Foster airport proposal

Mark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, has condemned the proposals unveiled today by Lord Foster to build a new ‘Thames Hub’ airport on the Hoo Peninsula.

Speaking on BBC’s Radio Kent, Mark described Lord Foster’s pie in the sky proposal as “completely unacceptable and incredible”, citing the enormous cost involved and the absolutely devastating impact the proposal would have on the local environment.

Mark said:

“This government has always been clear it is opposed to this plan or anything like it. The fact that a few people in the private sector who would like to get vast amounts of money from leading something like this keep proposing it does not mean that it is a serious proposal. Once again I say it is pie in the sky, completely unacceptable and incredible.”



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7 responses to “Mark Reckless slams Lord Foster airport proposal

  1. Chris Cruickshank

    with you 100% are they mad?!!!!

  2. Richard Lane

    just hurry up and build it we need the jobs

  3. Keith batcheldor

    I thought that politicians are suppose to be in parliament to help get whats best in life fo its constituants but it appears to me that they try try to insult our intelligence.
    Firstly the figure has been quoted that to build the ‘Thames Estuary Airport’ will cost £50 billion pounds (What a load of tosh)
    As every one knows with any government project the final figure is always double if not more.
    If we haven’t got the money now to get us out of debt how can we afford it . Where’s the money coming from !!!.
    This government is supposed to be concerned as a lot more of us are about leaving one hell of debt for the future generation. As it is they keep ploughing money into the euro country’s and putting us deeper in debt.
    It doesn’t stop there, people think that because when the airport is being built and when it is built, the local people will get the job’s, don’t kid yourselves, they will tell you that you will but the work will go to outsiders and to the immigrants.
    Another thing to think about its not only the ‘Isle of Grain’
    that’s going have the upheaval where the roads to the airport’s concerned it will also be a lot of the surrounding area because in the Daily Mail it said that it will have an estimated 150 million passengers a year though there (twice as many as Heathrow) just think what the congestion is like around that area now and it will be twice as bad.

  4. Keith batcheldor

    what moderation

  5. Julie Rousell


  6. Peter Hill

    I didnt have a vote for Mayor of London, and I didn’t want one, but I wish Boris would keep his nose out of Kent and do whatever it is he’s paid for. The mans totally mad.

  7. This airport on the thames estuary is a non starter i been saying this time and time a gain why this is sill come up 12 years on i will near know the north kent marshs is agreen lovely place should be well preserved for us and our future genarations to enjoy our wildlife must not suffer at the greed of govenments and devlopers making a fast buck robert david standing

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