Estuary Airport would add at least £50 to every plane ticket

If the government is to consult on the option of a Thames estuary airport, and it is does not appear to have the support of either the Liberal Democrats or all ministers, then we should take the opportunity to kill off the idea of an estuary airport once and for all.

Extraordinarily, the Major of London claimed today that a new airport would pay for itself. Even if we set aside the inevitable government spending on some associated infrastructure, the supposedly keen sovereign wealth funds or other investors would, of course, require a return on their investment.

Lord Foster, no doubt highly optimistically, estimates that his plan for a new airport and supporting infrastructure would cost at least £50 billion.

Assuming even just a 5% return and pay-back over 50 years, servicing that capital investment would cost £3.5 billion a year. Spread over the seventy million passengers currently using Heathrow that would be £50 per plane ticket, before you even consider operating costs.

I will be seeing ‘Boris’ later this afternoon. I intend to ask him whether he proposes to close Heathrow, and devastate the West London economy, and, if not, how he thinks he could persuade airlines and their passengers to pay for his vanity project.



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5 responses to “Estuary Airport would add at least £50 to every plane ticket

  1. Richard Lane

    I wish you would stop thinking everyone in Medway does not want this Airport I have lived in this area all my 50 years and I want it built as soon as possible

    • barry luxton

      yes please from me as well, think of all the stress removed by attempting to reach the other two, bet there would also be a releif to the people living at heathrow, having some of the strain removed from that airport. Think of the new road, rail crossings from kent across the thames without having to use the m25 carpark, yes please.

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  3. JMH

    @barry luxton, do you not think that the current noise stress suffered by those under the Heathrow flight path might be a really good diea to avoid having the same problem over your area?

  4. barry luxton

    hello JMH, we are already under the flight path of docklands and also there are thousands of flights over our heads. We live just down from rochester airport and enjoy counting the rivits on the planes coming into land 30′ up past our chimney. As for the airport in the estuary, there’s water over the flightpath. When we had the m2 widening along with hs1 at the same time, the nimby’s were warning us of all the disruption, inconveinace, destruction of the countryside, what do we have now, plenty of capacity on the m2, a high speed rail link into and out of the capital. If that’s what progress means with regards to improving the overcrowded infrastructure, bring it on. Thumbs up to hs2 as well.

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