MP hails Chatham Docks wood chip campaign success

From left: Cllr Andrew Mackness, Mark Reckless MP and Cllr Craig Mackinlay welcome campaign success

From left: Cllr Andrew Mackness, Mark Reckless MP and Cllr Craig Mackinlay welcome campaign success

Mark Reckless MP, local councillors and residents have welcomed the news that Peel Ports is to cease operation of the wood chip processing and storage facility in Chatham Docks from March, and that the site will be relocated away from Medway.

Following numerous complaints by residents last year when a large stockpile of wood chip material which had built up at Chatham Docks began to decompose causing an acrid smell in the area, Peel Ports have agreed to terminate the lease for the biomass operation located at Berth 8 in Chatham Docks.

Speaking after hearing the news, Mark Reckless said:

“This is welcome news for all the residents on St Mary’s Island and the surrounding affected areas who contacted me regarding this issue. Having worked closely with local councillors and St Mary’s Island Residents Association on this unfortunate matter for some months, I am delighted that it now looks like being resolved.

Peel Ports should be commended for showing that they have listened to residents’ concerns and are acting as a good neighbour. I am sure many on St. Mary’s Island will breathe a huge sigh of relief upon hearing this news.”

Cllr Andrew Mackness, Conservative member for River Ward, said:

“I am pleased and relieved that, following much negotiation,  Peel Land and Property, Peel Energy, and Peel Ports have listened to the community and been persuaded to close their wood processing and storage facility on Chatham Docks by the end of March.    

Both Mark Reckless and I have strongly supported the campaign against this operation and have worked tirelessly with St Mary’s Island Residents Association (SMIRA) to ensure that the serious problems and concerns associated with the odours and dust, and the possible health implications of this operation are resolved with this decision.

We would also like to thank the  Chairman of SMIRA for his drive and determination in helping deliver such a positive outcome.”



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2 responses to “MP hails Chatham Docks wood chip campaign success

  1. Richard Lane

    It didnt smell that bad lets hope nobody has lost there job just because somebody didnt like the smell

    • Matt Davies

      The smell was absolutely terrible, day and night all through the summer months. I’m sure you would have a very different view if your house was as close to the Peel Ports site as hundreds of others are.

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