Marlowe Park Surgery

Local residents and councillors standing up for local services in Strood South. Save Marlowe Park Surgery!

Local residents and councillors standing up for local services in Strood South. Save Marlowe Park Surgery!

Marlowe Park Medical Centre, now run by hard-working Dr Juneja, after Dr Brophy retired, is being threatened with closure. A Primary Care Trust ‘cluster’ (PCT) still runs the NHS in Kent and Medway until government plans to put family doctors in charge begin. The PCT proposes to close our local GP surgery on 31st March.

The proposed closure is NOT because of cuts or any need to save money. It seems to be because of differences between Dr Juneja and some of the managers at the PCT. The PCT has also demanded that Dr Juneja sign a legal agreement that could let the PCT take over the surgery, even though Dr Juneja owns the building, and has a mortgage with a bank which may not agree to this.

We understand that the surgery now scores 961 out of 1,000 on the PCT’s rating for quality of medical service, despite getting less money from the PCT than some other GP surgeries.

How far will you have to travel if PCT closes Marlowe Park Medical Centre? Click to enlarge

How far will you have to travel if PCT closes Marlowe Park Medical Centre? Click to enlarge

Dr Juneja has been opening the surgery from around 7am so he can treat hard-working Strood residents who commute by coach to London. He even speaks Russian and Polish, helping him treat many patients from those countries who have moved to Medway. His patient numbers are going up and we are told have now hit 3,500.

We do not understand why the PCT would close this surgery.

Mark Reckless MP says:

“On Friday I spoke with Ann Sutton, who runs the NHS Kent and Medway PCT, and explained that local people would not understand the surgery in Marlowe Park closing. We agreed that personal or legal differences should not get in the way of providing the best possible healthcare for local people in Strood. However, unless I succeed in mediating between Dr Juneja and PCT managers, I fear that the surgery will close on March 31st”.

Do you want to SAVE OUR SURGERY,or see Dr Juneja’s practice close with patients moved elsewhere?

You can share your views with the PCT, which will decide, by writing to Ann Sutton of NHS Kent and Medway at 50 Pembroke Court, Chatham Maritime, Chatham, Kent ME4 4EL or emailing



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3 responses to “Marlowe Park Surgery

  1. Ronald Clayton

    Mark, I will happily come down to that surgery and protest along with you. I was a governor of Medway for a short while and left because of the iregularitys which have been proved to be right by the kings fund. I cant wait to see the PCT go along with several other bodies within the NHS. Most people out there do not understand what has been happening with our NHS but most of what is to take place are good mesures, We do need far more competition within our hospitals and most of teh admin staff are sad left leaning socialist protecting there sad little none jobs. I have several clients who are Medoc and they all thing Medway should be pulled down and rebuilt. I AGREE.


  2. Neil Head

    A copy of my e-mail to Anne Sutton,

    I am absolutely livid with your departments derogatory attitude to patient care!
    The doctor at Marlowe park surgery unlike you actually cares about the people in his community. And I for one think that  as a professional personal issues and vendettas should NEVER mix!
    If I am FORCED to relocate surgeries apart from the undue stress it will put on me and my family I may well consider bringing legal action.
    For the record I left the only other surgery in the ward court view as the waiting time and professionalism of the staff left a lot to be desired!
    And to be TOLD that I am to re-register meaning ANOTHER day away from work will also be a loss of earnings I would be putting onto the claim for stress!
    Let alone the fact that if they were that bad then then how are they going to be any better with extra patients?
    The doctor and his surgery is a vital part of our local community and you and your staff should be ASHAMED of using Medway patients as pawns in your bullying power struggle.
    In an ideal world you and your staff would serve the community not your egos.  

    Yours furiously,
    Neil Head.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Mrs C Ware

    I feel disgusted that Marlowe Park surgery will be closed. Myself and my family have been patients here since we moved to the area 3 years ago. I have 2 young children and would not appreiciate having to walk 30 mins to the nearest surgery ( court View ) as I dont drive and have to pay bus fares so if my children or myself are sick this would be totally wrong to have to travel all this way to be seen by a doctor. Also we have been sent a letter from the NHS stating we have a place at Court View to find out this is not the case as we have to re-register as a new patient. Marlowe Park have always been a great doctors surgery and seen us straight away without having to wait. As we live just across the road its so convienent for us and my husband has a knee injury and he doesnt have to walk far to get his pain relief. We will be attending the meeting next week at Sherwin Knight Juniors and putting across our views.

    Mrs C Ware

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