Letter to the Editor: No Estuary Airport

From today’s Daily Telegraph:

SIR – We believe that plans for an airport on or near the Thames Estuary should be grounded. The airport would cost up to £70 billion. Proponents say foreign backers would pay for this, but they go quiet when asked who would foot the bill for the road and rail links to London.

Aircraft using this airport would be 12 times more at risk of bird strike than at any other major UK airport. The airport would also be close to Thamesport, where huge container ships unload one fifth of the UK’s liquid natural gas supplies, as well as the proposed London Array wind farm and the wreck of SS Richard Montgomery, which is still packed with 1,400 tonnes of explosives.

The airport would also destroy an area used by 300,000 migrating birds every year, and would devastate the ecosystem of the Thames Estuary, which is of worldwide scientific importance. Great swaths of the countryside would have to be developed to make way for new roads, rail links, industrial estates, depots and hotels. Some have pointed to the economic benefits to north Kent and south Essex of such an airport, but the airport is still decades away and most of the jobs would be low paid.

Finally, this airport would have a drastic economic effect on our existing airports. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has admitted to MPs that the Government would have to legislate to force airlines to move from Heathrow. We believe there are better solutions to the UK’s aviation needs than an airport in the Thames Estuary.

Prof Germaine Greer
Chris Corrigan
Director (South East England), RSPB
Cllr Rodney Chambers (Con)
Cllr Nigel Holdcroft (Con)
Gordon Henderson MP (Con)
Gareth Johnson MP (Con)
Cllr John Kent (Lab)
Cllr Andrew Bowles (Con)
Graham Stringer MP (Lab)
Dr Julian Huppert MP (Lib Dem)
Cllr John Burden (Lab)
Cllr Alan Jarrett (Con)
Tracey Crouch MP (Con)
Mark Reckless MP (Con)
Rehman Chishti MP (Con)
Stephen Metcalfe MP (Con)
Nigel Farage MEP (Ukip)
Lord Bradshaw (Lib Dem)
Caroline Pidgeon AM (Lib Dem)
Murad Qureshi AM (Lab)
Darren Johnson AM (Green)
Nicky Gavron AM (Lab)



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5 responses to “Letter to the Editor: No Estuary Airport

  1. Ronald Clayton

    It seems Mark keeps upping the cost of this, when I spoke with him in Rochester high street last year it was going to cost 30Billion. Recently in his blog articals it was going to cost 50Billion and now its 70Billion. Considering Mark is a so called Financial wizard it does leave me a none believer in what Mark and his signitories have put there name to. Every business owner and retail outlet that I have spoken to want the airport. Mark is so ready to call for an referendum on Europe which I also suppoort but not so quick to call for one on the Airport. I am sure the vote would be close and the best thing that could happen to Medway and Kent is the Airport. Lets have a propper debate over this instead of this make it fail at any cost.

    Ronald Clayton.

  2. barry luxton

    this no campaign from the conservatives will cost then dear in the long run, It will return and bite them up the proverbial. I am very dissapointed.The reasons given as as expected from a weak not in our backyard argument. Yes it’s now gone up to 70 bill. It will have a dratic effect on money supply in the uk, it’s called growth for goodness sake. The uk will be left behind. Get real.Think of the advantages for a change, freeing up the infrastucture in the south east with new road and rail, networks as opposed to the dirge the suits expect us to put up with now. Heathrow is running at capacity and the argument for a new runway is kybosh, think about the struggle we have at the mo getting to those airports both gatwick and heathrow, are they going to improve with any new proposel. No they ain’t. Don’t bother with the doom and gloom arguments like mongomery for example, we have been living that on for decades, what difference will an airport make. Come up with a viable alternative you guy,s or get off the pot.

  3. barry luxton

    Sorry for the typo’s please forgive me.

  4. gary brandon

    Not only is this” pie in the sky “idea of a new airport going to be devastating to the wonderful wildlife in the surrounding areas , it is also in my mind a very dangerous place to have low flying planes due to the area being dotted with power stations that store tons of refrigerated gas which to my mind is dangerous enough due to the fact that the containers were welded together by cheaper foreign workers and do indeed freeze back on occasions due to leaks .Coupled with this obvious danger we also have a working dock at sheerness which would cause other hazards for example cranes .Its also my view that England doesnt need another airport as the government has already stated that it will be cutting immigration considerable in the coming years .Another issue is indeed the mess caused not only the construction of such a large project but also the mess and nuisance any airport attracts not to mention problems with illigal immigration . im affraid its a no from me and lots like me who dont carry your undoubting blind faith which is probably due to the fact that you dont live anywhere near the planned site ..

  5. Richard Lane

    I dont under stand why you people against the airport keep going on about the Richard Montgomery I dont think these new state of the art aircraft which will use the airport will not accidently land on the wreck what a stupid idiotic thing to say.And I doubt they will land on any container ships by mistake eather.As for the cranes at the Isle of Grain and Sheerness getting in the way of aproaching aircraft.Well I dont think who ever wrote that has any idea of how an aircraft lands plus the cranes are well away from where the airport will be.Why dont you people against the Airport clear off and let us in favour stay here and reap the rewards of growth and Employment for all Oh and I am a person who was born in Hoo 51 years ago I am not an outsider.

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