The man who said “The Euro is here to stay”

Rt Hon George Osborne MP

Rt Hon George Osborne MP

At Treasury Questions on 6 September last year my mild-mannered Kent colleague Julian Brazier MP asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if:

“the weaker countries will not be able to push water up hill for much longer and are bound to drop out of the euro before very long?”.

George Osborne replied:

“the euro is here to stay”.

Having unwisely made such a forecast eight months ago, the Chancellor is now reduced to ticking off his European counterparts for publicly talking about Euro break-up.

Such loose talk, he tells us, is responsible for turmoil in the markets.

Apparently, if only they kept their heads in the sand stock markets would stabilise!

When will our government realise that the sooner the Euro breaks up the sooner Europe will get back to growth? Later than the Greeks and the Germans it appears.


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One response to “The man who said “The Euro is here to stay”

  1. Jim Jones

    Well said Mark, Brussels will move Heaven and Earth to prevent any break up of the Eurozone, regardless of what it will cost any nation or any individuals. Notwithstanding that the bottom line will be what the paymasters (the German electorate) will tolerate.

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