Tackling anti-social behaviour


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One response to “Tackling anti-social behaviour

  1. Rita Arnold

    I am born and bred in the Medway Towns. When I was growing up Chatham High Street was a pleasure to walk through to shop and meet friends. The evenings were a different matter as the many pubs were the haunts of sailors, marines and soldiers, but the naval and military police kept very good charge of their own. There was prostitution, (we nicely brought up young girls knew nothing about this, of course) and I don’t suppose the motive for this trade was drugs in those days. Now Chatham High Street is policed by these so called community support officers. They walk in pairs and look quite scruffy and undisciplined. I don’t think I’ve seen them without them texting or looking at their mobile phones. They don’t give the public the feel of security as the good old Bobby would. They obviously have purges when they have been told to book people for littering but they seem to avoid the local louts and chavvy young mums who drop cigarette ends (obviously in fear of some back lash) however, I’ve been told by 1 or 2 pensioners who have been find on the spot for doing the same (easy targets!) though I condemn all litter bugs. I was almost knocked over by a youth on a bike who was weaving in and out of the pedestrians at some speed. I managed to find a support officer and complained but was told that there was nothing they could do about it. They are an expensive waste of money! I am lucky to live away from troublesome neighbourhoods but I know of decent folk who are sick and tired of the one or two families that cause trouble but are afraid that their calls for police help go ignored or are actioned upon too many days later after the fear has passed. If we could truly believe that anti-social behaviour is tackled immediately and justice be seen to be done I am sure that all tax payers would not mind paying for the police numbers to be increased so that we have the neighbourhood police service that we used to have.

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