Church sees the light

Following my last blog post on The Archbishops’ Council’s extraordinary evidence given to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, which suggested that the Government re-educate Eurosceptics and that the Prime Minister’s veto in December left the UK “without credibility”, I have received a response, not just from the Archbishops’ Council, but the Lord Bishop of Guildford, Chair of the ‘House of Bishops Europe Panel.’

Their letter is surprisingly positive and seems to break new ground, determining that “there is an emerging consensus in favour of a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU”. I have replied to welcome the Church’s new stance.

In the last couple of weeks, the British Chambers of Commerce has recognised EU regulation and legislation makes British businesses less competitive in the global market and David Cameron has said that he is prepared to ‘consider’ an EU referendum (of some sort, albeit not an In/Out referendum immediately.) Now, the Church has revised its view and supports a referendum.

Sign up here to add your voice.



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2 responses to “Church sees the light

  1. ‘Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of His word’ is the city motto. This is how the church should help with human flourishing. They seem to have forgotten the day job.

  2. Ken Hall

    Although the arguments are moving in the Eurosceptics’ direction, it is not far enough or fast enough yet.

    We need a binding IN or OUT referendum decided by simple majority, before the full power of the Lisbon Treaty comes into force in 2014.

    Anything less than this is a Europhile delaying tactic.

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