Update on proposed Insolvency Service changes

Following representations from Mark Reckless and Tracey Crouch amongst others, Norman Lamb MP has now further advised that The Insolvency Office has communicated to staff in the 3 affected offices – Bournemouth, Medway and Stockton – that before taking a firm decision on the future of the individual offices, they need to take stock.

As a result, the decision regarding the future of the Medway office has been deferred until the Autumn and could possibly lead to re-consideration of the proposed closure plan.

Welcoming the news, Mark Reckless said:

“While the Minister recognises in his letter that this does not provide the workers at the Medway office with the certainty they need, I still welcome the decision to look again at the impact which the proposed closures could have, not just in Medway, but on The Insolvency Service as a whole.

I would like to thank everybody who made representations to the Minister, particularly the PCS Union which on this occasion has campaigned so effectively on behalf of its members at the Medway office.”

Kevin Etheridge, Assistant Secretary of the PCS Union BIS Group, added:

“On behalf of my members at the Medway office which is currently under public consultation, I should like to thank Tracey Crouch MP and Mark Reckless MP for the representations they made to Norman Lamb Minister at our recent meeting in London to retain the office.

I wish to put on record my thanks and appreciation to Tracey and Mark for their joint, effective approach in writing to Ministers and supporting the staff and service at the Medway office.”


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