The EU Debate

Towards the end of July, I had the pleasure of participating in a debate on Britain’s future within the European Union held at the London School of Economics. The debate featured myself, Tony Blair’s former EU advisor Sir Stephen Wall, Roger Helmer MEP, Dr Helen Szamuely of the Bruges Group, George Eustice MP and a uniquely pro-European Union audience.



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2 responses to “The EU Debate

  1. Douglas Macdonald

    Well, I totally agree with Mark Reckless, may I also point out that some participants wished to renegotiate. This cannot be done, UNLESS article 51 is utilised, that means that the EU have to agree. Article 51 means that we as a nation make it clear that we wish to leave. Until we say that, all talk of renegotiation is a complete pile of xxxx. The EU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN. Invoke article 51 and they HAVE TO by EU laws. Why are there so many thick people out there, or liars, who do not concede or understand this principle?

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