Welcoming Katherine Lawanson

Mark Reckless would like to thank Katherine Lawanson from Grain who has, this week, been gaining valuable work experience in his constituency office.

Katherine, who will be starting sixth form in September at Rainham School for Girls, is hoping to go on to study law at the University of Hull, and would eventually like to work with the United Nations and hopefully travel the world.

Katherine added:

I am an enthusiastic, adaptable and hardworking individual. I always aim to achieve high in everything I do (school-wise or job-wise). I take full responsibility for my actions. I work well on my own or as part of a team. Whenever I make mistakes, I do everything possible to correct them before they get worse. I also ask for help whenever this is needed. I am always willing to help people out with their problems and I avoid misunderstandings between people, especially those I am working with. I always try starting something new and I always get involved in charity events or things that have to do with helping people out. I am a really outgoing person.

I am also a singer and I have applied for The Voice singing contest in September 2012. I have applied in the hope that it will get me somewhere someday. I am determined to make sure I pursue these goals and live life to the fullest in between all my effort and hard work.

Mark would like to thank Katherine for all her hard work this week and wishes her every success with her future studies and her audition for The Voice.

Mark is always very happy to consider requests for internships or work experience from young people in his constituency who may be considering a career in politics, or are looking for more general experience in the work place. If you would like to register your interest, please email interns@markreckless.com


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  1. Tom Butcher

    Mark, Have you heard about the Anti EU DEMO planed for London and what are your views on it

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