At Last! Victory for our Rail Fare Campaign

MPs Mark Reckless and Tracey Crouch in ChathamMark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, has welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister earlier today that rail fare increases for 2013 are to be capped at RPI+1%.

Hailing this major victory for hard-pressed commuters, Mark Reckless said:

At last after years of campaigning, particularly with Tracey Crouch MP, both in public and equally importantly by lobbying ministers in private, we have ended Labour’s disgraceful policy of increasing Southeastern rail fares by 3% over inflation annually.

By exposing the effect it had when Labour used our commuters as guinea pigs for RPI +3% we have succeeded in protecting commuters nationally.

I would like to thank Radio 4 for the support which they gave me with the campaign, including coming to Grain at 6am and then Strood to meet commuters getting the coach to London because they could not afford the train.

A victory for long-suffering Southeastern commuters with whom I will now work to stop even 1% above inflation increases as soon as we possibly can.



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2 responses to “At Last! Victory for our Rail Fare Campaign

  1. Lucinda thornton

    Hi – can I ask advice on how to get the child age raised on trains

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