A real referendum on the EU

I cannot really believe we can go in to the election saying we will try and persuade the other 26 or 27 EU states to agree to give us some powers back after the election – oh and by the way if you vote Conservative we will interpret that as your full-hearted consent to staying in the EU.

Therefore seeking renewed consent would have to be by way of referendum and a real referendum on the EU must ask the British people – none of whom under the age of 55 has had a vote on this – whether they want to stay part of it.

Exactly what the ‘In’ option looks like by then does not change the necessity of that choice.



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2 responses to “A real referendum on the EU

  1. Avril

    You, Mr Reckless, are in the wrong party. Shouldn’t you be coming home?

  2. goff

    Mr Reckless , i admire your stand on europe,but led as you are, i will never vote for the conservative party again. After DCs after EU summit statement today (ie the electorate) may get a vote on our terms, deja vue.What a prospect ,Milliaband Balls, buying votes adin finitum to fund the socialist agenda of the unelected EU commissars

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