Video: EU Budget Amendment Speech

Mark Reckless MP’s speech to the House of Commons on 31st October 2012, introducing his motion calling for a cut in the EU budget:



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2 responses to “Video: EU Budget Amendment Speech

  1. Dear Mark

    Well done!

    Ultimately the price that we will have to pay will be ejection from the EU. Not only can we not afford the increase, but we cannot accept the loss of sovereignty under the legal, defence, human rights and external affairs legislation under, I believe, the Lisbon Treaty. We will have to renegotiate a new relationship – akin to Norway but with more clout.

    I have a further thought. If Scotland wants independence (I happen to favour this, but of course will not get a say) and with it full membership of the EU, rather than let it have to apply with the restrictions that that might entail, why not let it inherit the UK’s membership.

    Kind Regards

    Daniel Roberts
    Ink Cartridge Technologues Ltd
    Strood, Kent

    Tel 01634 291388 / 07785 221688

  2. Mark Congratulations to you and your collegues on the excellent result at Westminster. Appart from the 53 do you have a list of other MPs who would vote in a freevote for an EU- Referendum or better still to get us out of Europe. If we do not get out before the next election we will never get another chance. I am running a campaign for all true tories accross the country to support anti EU MPs and callk for pro EU MPs to be de-selected.

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