Come to Rochester for Santa Charity Fun Run

Tomorrow Rochester plays host to our now annual ‘Santa Run’. Each year in the run-up to Christmas several hundred people, and hopefully next year if not this thousands, hire Santa Claus outfits and ‘parade’ through Rochester High Street and the Castle gardens and area.

Some run and some walk the relatively short route, but all have great fun, and it is just £10. It is an extraordinary sight to see so many people of both genders, from Medway and from further afield, and of all ages kitted out in red and white with fluffy white beards.

As well as bringing increasing publicity and trade to Rochester – the following weekend is the Christmas Dickens festival extending into the Christmas Fair period – the Santa run raises money for the Medway Rotary charities.

For pictures from previous years have a look at

You can enter at any time up until the run starts at 2pm tomorrow, just:

call 01634 681912
or pop into the Crown pub next to Rochester bridge which sponsors the event.



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4 responses to “Come to Rochester for Santa Charity Fun Run

  1. Reblogged this on gerrysmum and commented:
    I’d be there except I’ll be training in Canterbury and can’t get back in time!

  2. Thank you for your kind support. 400+ Santa’s raised over £4000 on Saturday for Demelza and ChYps and brought a carnival atmosphere to Rochester High Street. Again, many thanks for your support.

  3. paul johnston

    Took part in the run saturday and even the rain did not get in the way of the fun. Rudolph

  4. Geoff Waters

    Thanks for your support – well over £4,000 raised already

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