Why is she promoted and “bonused”?

Lin Homer, head of HMRC and previously UKBA, came before the Home Affairs Select Committee today. I had understood that this was so she could apologise for having misled us. However, she did not seem particularly apologetic, so I asked her about her career history:

Our interchange included:

Mark Reckless: Why do you keep on being promoted despite these major failures of leadership at the top of organisations, repeatedly?

Lin Homer: I don’t accept that there have been major failures of leadership. I think I get promoted because I manage big organisations well and I’m not frightened to take on organisations that are not performing well at the point that I arrive. That’s something I’ve done on a number of occasions and, you know, as you say people continue to  have confidence that that’s a skill I bring to these…

Mark Reckless: I didn’t say people continue to have confidence…

Lin Homer: Well I assume they wouldn’t offer me the jobs if they didn’t.



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5 responses to “Why is she promoted and “bonused”?

  1. johnwardmedway

    Lin Homer is, unsurprisingly, Common Purpose, as listed in the ‘graduates’ database at http://www.CPExposed.com/graduates .

    This explains everything; and even the Mail has recently published their special investigation into this outfit and related organisations (on 16 November). It has nothing to do with merit, only manipulation and worse.

  2. John

    We have real problems of incompetence in the leadership of OUR Public Services. From HMRC, to local councils, to the Police. .
    This is probably much more of a debacle than what happened with MP’s.
    At least with MP’s you can vote them out, this lot we seem to be stuck with them in perpetuity

  3. Paul O'Rourke

    She continues to be promoted because no one in this government seems to have a grip on any issue that concerns the electorate. Cabinet ministers seem content to maintain the status quo and do nothing that might seem contentious. I believe they are being guided by civil servants and have absolutely no idea what the country wants.

  4. darcyblaze

    I’ve just seen this on the BBC Parliament Channel. Lin Homer was hopeless, she reminded me of Kay Hope, Head of Sustainability brilliantly played by Amelia Bullmore in TwentyTwelve. Lin came across as weak and thinking an apology was enough. She’s on around £220,000, where would she get that in the private sector? Let her try. The sad fact is even if she was sacked she’d still walk away with a life changing sum. This country has been hijacked by the civil service. You don’t have to go on Deal or no Deal, just get a top job in the public sector.

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