Rochester extends warm welcome for Dickensian Christmas


Welcoming the Hon Samuel Slumkey, MP for Eatanswill, to my constituency

This weekend is Dickensian Christmas weekend in Rochester.

As a resident of Rochester High Street I will be in the thick of the festival but we will have thousands of visitors from further afield. I myself will be welcoming members of the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of London to Rochester, who I hope will enjoy their visit.

Many who come are Dickens enthusiasts, including a number who make the trip from America every year. Others, from near and afar, are here for the stalls and the funfair and the general merrymaking. Packed with stalls, Rochester comes alive with entertainment, carols, and we can even guarantee snowfall!

I hope that it will be a great weekend for local traders. Rochester is now unusual in having so many independent shops and traders. That adds to the draw of the Dickens festivals, as well as encouraging festival goers to come again to see Rochester when it is not so hectic.

I have fond memories of leading the summer Dickens parade a few years ago when I had the honour of escorting our then Mayor, Councillor Sue Haydock. I hope readers will forgive me for not being in Victorian outfit again but join me in sending appreciation to those who do dress up.

Welcome all and enjoy the weekend.

For further information visit the What’s On Medway website



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2 responses to “Rochester extends warm welcome for Dickensian Christmas

  1. barry luxton

    don’t come by road though, medway towns has now changed into a no go area. The rubbish one lane with over abundant stop start taffic light system ‘ring’ road around chathan is the pits. The transport planners must be very proud of the traffic jams that they have created. Along with very enthusiastic traffic enforcement officers. The very people (planners) who have advised the government against growth with rubbishing the not in my back yard airport scheme.

  2. Went there today with friends. I can’t believe how warm the ladies dressed up seemed to be on such a cold day!
    Huge thanks to everyone that organises the festivals

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