Vote Conservative for In/Out Referendum

Mark Reckless MPIn the early hours of Friday 7th May 2010 I made a speech at what is now called Medway Park.

After I had thanked constituents, campaign team, police and officials I repeated my campaign promise that I would use my election to fight for an In/Out referendum so that Britain could again be an independent country.

The local BBC reporter covering the Medway count asked me afterward if that was party policy. I said “No, not yet”.

It is now.

Within eighteen months 81 Conservative MPs voted for an In/Out referendum.

A year later I got a majority in Parliament to cut the EU budget.

Now the Prime Minister has promised an In/Out referendum.

It is therefore time for everyone, whether they believe in an independent Britain, or simply in democracy, to get behind the Prime Minister and campaign finally for that In/Out referendum.



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7 responses to “Vote Conservative for In/Out Referendum

  1. S. J. Murphy

    Eurpe is just a comunist state . Just as corupt a gravy train for the elite.we need to spend money on our own country.Not on peasants in other lands. Why are we paying benefits to the world.

  2. Ray Keemer-Richards

    At long last we are fighting back. I am in agreement with staying in ON OUR TERMS. If not then we go it alone or form a closer alliance withe the USA and the Commonwealth

  3. ron sands

    I was there that night Mark standing next to you and its was that speech that help me make the choice of the local Conservative party and I thank you for all your energy in pushing this forward. Well Done Mark !

  4. The first real battle for UK independence has been won. Now let Tories and UKIP campaign to win the war. Thank-you Mark Reckless and close colleagues.

  5. Paul O'Rourke

    I have an overwhelming feeling of deja vu.

  6. Well said Mark, but we need the IN/OUT referendum before the electionWe are trying to organise an unofficial one but if each anti EU MP held one involving all his constituents. It would stand them in good stead at the next election .
    Tom Butcher

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