Letter from minister regarding Medway Insolvency Service




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One response to “Letter from minister regarding Medway Insolvency Service

  1. johnwardmedway

    If this is handled the right way, it could be much like the formation of the Government Offices in the mid-1990s. I was there for that, and it was sensible to bring several locally-delivered agencies’ activities under the one roof, for several reasons.

    It would be my hope that this proposed move of the Insolvency Service’s Medway office into another governmental office nearby will result in what, in the hindsight of a period of experience of the new arrangements, just about everyone will realise was a genuinely beneficial change.

    Although the Labour government rather spoiled John Gummer’s original concept of the Government Offices (such as GOSE), his idea was genuinely good, and even back then I had hoped that the same approach might one day be taken in other areas.

    Perhaps that will indeed happen with Medway’s Insolvency Service office.

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