Congratulations Prime Minister!

I would like to congratulate the Prime Minister on securing this cut in the EU budget. His diplomats, his permanent representative in Brussels, the Liberal Democrats all said the best we could hope for was a freeze. By passing my amendment, Parliament voted to strengthen that negotiating mandate and demand a cut. With Parliament behind him, the Prime Minister has delivered at the EU council today.



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7 responses to “Congratulations Prime Minister!

  1. Mark Reckless

    You sir are a twat.

  2. ian

    and what difference does that really make when our annual contribution is actually going up? Stop this ridiculous spin.

  3. Its just the beggining Mark but may be to late, I do not think Milliband will ever be PM but we do need a leader and we just do not have one. Being mooted we need a nectelder more experianced person and not some one of Davids age?

  4. Just make sure you and colleagues keep up the pressure. This is just a beginning.

  5. RB

    congratulating Dave on the EU budget. Please. Do you think that most of us are even engaged now in this crap? The system is broken. You and your colleagues are the cause and the barrier to change. We need to sweep away the lot of you and start again. A big reset. I just hope that when it comes (you lot will probably be able to con us for another ten years or so) you are not around to face the consequences.

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