Video: A very impressive achievement

Speaking today on BBC News Channel, Mark Reckless MP responds to the EU budget cut following his amendment in Parliament.



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4 responses to “Video: A very impressive achievement

  1. Dr Sanjeev Juneja

    The PM has achieved EU spending cuts and this will certainly help ease UK’s burden of funding EU countries and allow chanelling of funds to support the struggling UK economy. Congrats indeed.

  2. Malcoln Ingsley

    Interviewed by an irish presenter like irish meat producers cannot be trusted biased towards david cameron.

  3. Malcoln Ingsley

    The English people want an English Parliament so that they can be responsible for their future,with out putting up with non English English MP’s who represent multinationals and their own countries.

  4. Malcoln Ingsley

    Concervative M P’s should be band from joining the friends of israel organisation which shows they are biased for israel and anti England.

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