Why we should oppose a Thames Estuary Airport


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Many of us remember the No Airport at Cliffe campaign and how the Hoo Peninsula came together ten years ago to defeat the then government’s ‘Cliffe’ airport plan. There is no similar proposal from the government this time. However, an independent commission has been set up, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, to look at aviation capacity in the South-East.

Various people have suggested building an airport in the Thames Estuary area. The Mayor of London initially proposed an artificial ‘Boris’ Island north of the Isle of Sheppey, while architects Foster + Partners have proposed building over the north-east of the Hoo Peninsula and reclaimed land beyond.

010220133960None of these proposals appear credible to me. Cost estimates range from £70 billion to over £100 billion, around £50 per plane ticket. It is not clear why anyone would want to pay for this, when it would be so much cheaper to expand existing airports. Does the Mayor of London want to close Heathrow and move its 75,000 directly employed staff and 40,000 ancillary staff to Medway, or keep it open, with British Airways and other airlines saying that they would then refuse to move.

The Davies Commission will look at all the arguments and produce an interim report in late 2013 and a final report in 2015. These will not bind government but I would ask you to sign our petition and contact the Davies Commission to expose the weakness of arguments for a Thames Estuary airport.

Even Boris has now said that his desired new hub airport could instead be at Stansted. If £5 billion were spent on a Crossrail spur from Stansted to Stratford this would link Stansted to the City in 25 minutes, the West End (or Ebbsfleet) in 35 minutes and Heathrow in less than an hour. Gatwick are also now pushing to have a second runway.

We should use this opportunity with the Davies Commission to rule out environmentally devastating proposals for a Thames Estuary Airport once and for all.

Mark Reckless MP and volunteers from across the community will be visiting households across the Hoo Peninsula asking residents to sign his Parliamentary petition against the airport. You can show your support for the No Estuary Airport campaign now by completing the online petition form – click here.



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3 responses to “Why we should oppose a Thames Estuary Airport

  1. Richard Lane

    I am realy fed up with our MP and people in Medway who don’t like progress .Like it or not we need a new airport in the south east .Just expanding Heathrow and Gatwick are only tempory measures that will pass the problem on to our Grandchildren .I am amazed that the last Goverment just forgot about the problem after the Cliffe Airport plan was abandoned,was they just hoping the problem would go away .I work around Heathrow and Gatwick a lot and I have seen many miss landings where an aircraft has not cleared the runway quick enough because there is no space.Maybe the Dinasaurs who don’t want change will wake up when there is a major accident at Heathrow or Gatwick.And please just shut up about the cost .If there was a conflict tommow you see how quick this Goverment would find 70 Billion to fight a war .And the Richard Montgomery why is that such an issue I doubt a modern airliner with its 100s of back up systems would not accidently land on it ,just leave the dam thing where it is .And all the birds well Heathrow is full of birds when was the last bird strike at Heathrow I think you would fail to find any evidence .There are huge resovoirs all around Heathrow full of Ducks Swans Geese ect and even 1000s of Parakeats.Both Kings North and Grain Power stations won’t be there soon so the high chimneys are not going to be a problem And Aircraft noise well aircraft are so quet you can hardley hear them these days and if the Island airport is built ,a plane on final approuch to an Island a mile out to sea will not be flying past your bedroom window .Just hurry up and build it my sons and there friends want the jobs.

  2. rcatwork@btconnect.com


    I am unable to sign this but I would also say the next year free of rates on our business is a bill puller and I am thinking why not use this in/ some of your marketing, I think it has made a big difference to small businesses staying afloat and many would have gone under some time ago had we not had this little relief on our expenditure. It’s a good sales pitch and one you may wish to take up at some point. I would not wait until the last moment to start making people realise why there still in business.

    Just a though mate.

    Best regards


  3. Conor

    Why not say yes to a airport which would bring much needed regeneration to Medway and thousands of jobs that are needed in the south east. An airport would put Medway on the map, and could provide better transport links and shopping destinations across the Medway Towns. I think that it his disgusting how thousands of pounds from the taxpayers is going to a stop estuary airport cause that many people in Medway don’t agree with.

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