Let Britain Decide

It has been nearly 40 years since the British people last had their say on Europe. In that time, so much has changed. People feel that the EU is heading in a direction they never signed up to.

We need a better deal for Britain, including putting the key question to the British people through an In/Out referendum by the end of 2017 at the latest. Currently, only one of the main three political parties are supporting this: the Conservatives.

That’s why the party has launched a new campaign website, www.LetBritainDecide.com, which makes it simple for people to back the Bill, help build public pressure, give people a voice, and urge MPs from other parties to listen to their constituents.

Please visit www.LetBritainDecide.com if you would like to get involved.


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One response to “Let Britain Decide

  1. George Morley

    It is past due that a referendum is held because I voted along with everyone else for a Common Market and not the mess that the EU has become. When will there be an audit ? Never had one. No accountability. They take over 50million GBP per day from the UK and the Pensions Minister says that they cannot afford to pay mr the indexed pension which has been frozen since 1999 when I moved to Canada. Unjustified robbery by this government and it is the Members of Parliament like yourself I’m sorry to say that continue this Discrimination because I would get the uprated pension in the USA next door. The Charter of the Commonwealth is being ignored because it says that no discrimination should be allowed under any circumstances. This is purely due to regulation 3 in the Annual Benefits Uprating which is a contradiction really because the state pension is not a benefit but a rightful paid for pension. I would be happy to hear your view on this. Thankyou.

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