MP urges residents to take part in river consultation

mark_esplanade1Mark Reckless MP is urging local residents to take part in a new consultation by the Environment Agency asking people across England what they think are the significant issues and priorities to protect and improve our local rivers.

The Challenges and Choices consultation on the Thames River Basin District, which includes the river Medway, runs from 22 June to 22 December 2013.

The best way to protect and improve the water environment is by everyone being actively involved. The Challenges and Choices consultation (formerly called Significant Water Management Issues or SWMI) will give communities and our partners the opportunity to tell us what they think are the most significant issues for the water environment, the best ways to tackle these issues, and what the priorities should be.

Mark Reckless said:

“It is really important that we work to protect and improve our local rivers for all to enjoy. I believe the best way to do this is by working collaboratively, ensuring that we make our rivers a better place for people and for wildlife.”

For further information, please visit the Environment Agency website – Click Here


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One response to “MP urges residents to take part in river consultation

  1. Godfrey George

    Hello Mark,
    Having walked the River Medway from Tonbridge to the City of Rochester, I was impressed how unspoilt much of it was. Even the post industrial stretches offered not only interest of an historical nature but the variety of flora and fauna is sometimes more diverse than managed nature reserves.
    Nature tends to have a brilliant knack of creating its own regeneration without man’s intervention, the outcome being an area worth exploring. The redevelopment of many rivers and canals have created sterile environments which offer very little to people. Unfortunately the riverside in the Medway Towns has been too developed and it is not until you wander beyond the M2 bridge that you enter a relatively ‘proper’ riverscape which most people can enjoy. I am glad that medway Council is opposed to the airport on the Cliffe marshes. This would be a disaster, as people need, even if they don’t realise it, breathing spaces.
    There is the argument that we need more housing, but most riverside developments do not supply this to the ‘ordinary family’, and the argument that a new airport on the marshes would create local jobs is debatable. Anyway, who needs jobs when you can enjoy the splendid free countryside that is the Medway’s and the Thames’ riverscape.
    Lay off development and destruction around the rivers and do what is necessary to provide access to what is there. The history, nature and ‘chill-out’ factor.

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