VIDEO: Boris gives up on Boris Island

Mark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, questions the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, over his pie in the sky Boris Island proposal and receives a surprising response.



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3 responses to “VIDEO: Boris gives up on Boris Island

  1. I cannot understand why Mark has not canvased for a referendum on the airport in Medway as he has done with great gusto for a referendum to stay in or come out of the EU. Surly, if he believes his case is a straight no he should not fear a referendum. Being a retail Jeweller in Rochester, I see and hear from many other business people and retailers and most of them want the airport. Wonder who’s pulling Marks strings.

  2. Oh well so Boris Island is his third choice, which leaves his first and second choices now what might they be? Expanding Stanstead and an Airport on the Isle of Grain. Funny you haven’t posted that on here.

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